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Peak Nordic, the Future of Our Sport

By Lynda Stuber

Most of you have seen the many blue and white Peak Nordic jackets skiing round and round the man made loop at Lapham. You may have asked yourself “who are these crazy kids?” “What kind of drill is that?” Or maybe thought to yourself...."Oh to be young again!”

So we thought you might like to know a little more about your local youth ski club.

Peak Nordic Ski Team was actually started by myself, Lynda Stuber, in 1997. It was then the Waukesha West High School Cross Country Ski Team. We started with 6 skiers and quickly doubled in size. For the most part, we were teaching cross country runners how to ski and it caught on. In the year 2000, Mary Eloranta and Donna Hoelz became coaches and the team grew larger and larger. We soon realized that there were other schools in the area who had kids that wanted to ski, but no team to ski with. In 2008, Peak Nordic was founded as a 501(c)3 allowing kids from our area to ski together. The club now draws from 22 schools.

It is currently made up of:

1. Peak Nordic Kids; kindergarten through 5th grade. The major goal is fun on skis.

2. Peak Nordic Middle School; 6th through 8th grade. Here they are introduced to racing while still trying to keep it fun for the kids.

3. Peak Nordic High School; Competitive skiing takes place in this program (and did I mention fun?)

Last season Peak Nordic had grown to 33 high schoolers, 17 middle schoolers, and 87 Peak Nordic Kids!

Head Coach Mary Eloranta says, “We are in the business of creating outstanding young men and women and sometimes we teach them to go fast on skis.” She quickly states that, “the end goal of the Peak Nordic program is not trophies but growth, respect, and community. The club gives back to Snowmaking every season and helps with things like trail work when they are able to do so.

Lapham Peak Ski club and its members have chosen to support these kids. Your membership along with our sponsors and auction fundraising allowed us to donate $5000 to Peak Nordic at the end of the season last year.

Individuals are always welcome to donate to the Peak Nordic Ski Club fund by check to:

WCCF (Waukesha County Community Foundation)

2727 N Grandview Blvd #301 Waukesha WI 53188

If Nordic skiing is the sport you love.....and we are guessing you do if you are reading this ...then you need to be paying attention to these kids. They are “our” local team, the future of our sport, the next snowmakers, coaches, trail builders, and ski enthusiasts.

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